It has been half a year since I became depressed. I expected to return to the state I had before in a few months, but unexpectedly I can’t recover yet. Although I have been able to sleep deeply these days, however I woke up around 5:30am every morning even when I go to bed around 11:30pm , and I’ve been extremely sleepy from 9 am to 12 pm. It seems that I am still in a state of daze.

Because of this, I have not been able to return to society. Considering my life, I want to return to work as early as possible and earn money for my family, but the impatience is still in this state, which seems to be a vicious circle.

According to my family’s doctor, the family is watching me carefully and not giving any mental burden. So, I feel happiness while my wife and son are caring, but I feel frustrated that I can’t go to the normal mode yet.

By the way, I tried to search the keywords “depression and karate” on the internet, there are a lot of advices and blogs about how to care the depression.

According to a web site,  karate makes serotonin, which makes our brain feel good when you do intense exercise and it becomes easier to recover from depression.

Karate training started again in June (it was canceled for three months from March), and I didn’t go to training from January and didn’t want to move much, so I decided to participate Karate lesson for rehabilitation.

At present, I practice basic movements and Kata while wearing a mask to prevent contact with humans and to prevent infection from splashes, while protecting the three dense, but lack of exercise and breathing with a mask makes it difficult to breathe, It’s tougher than a regular lesson.

It’s hard to breathe in the air, and the sweat inside the mask makes me feel uncomfortable. However, when the training is over, sweat gushes from the sweat glands throughout the body, making me feel refreshed.

Recently, my son says, “Dad, you look better than before.”
I found a book about martial arts and serotonin, so I will purchase it soon and introduce the contents at a later date.